NOTICE - Work in progress but more then welcome to check it out ;)

Introduction about the site and the standpoint of the author

I'm a Christian Protestant Judaizer *And Creationist... and Iconoclast* - What that means:
Christian; to proclaim Christ and Testify about Salvation through him,
Protestant; to Protest and speak out against that Roman AntiChrist of the number 666,
Judaizer; to defend, protect, guard, observe, preserve and keep the Law of Jehovah to the best of my ability.

Here is going to be a quick introduction of the site and about the auther of the site so everything is transparent - the menu have some subject some is worked more then others

Zionist, Globe Earth, Young Earth, World Wide Flood, Rejecting Roman Pharisee Paulus and his leavened Roman Church lead by that AntiChrist 666, Testifying Christian. - Just collecting things here.