February 16th, 2020  Posted at   Webpage

So here’s a small update, I’ve toyed around with multiple things and been very good at making things go haywire here and there.
I think i’ve found a theme *ColorMag* that can replace my old one from the past – although I like it, it is not very suited for mobile. In any case, searching and researching and trying to figure out which way to go and so forth with this. I’m still looking into HTML and I might try making a menu like I want. So many things to look into, it’s not so easy trying to figure it all out. If I can just have a site I at least can test things on, which is functional in the way I want – that would a be good beginning. I’ve sorted out the ColorMag theme although still looking for some features and further setup.

I’m on my second round of Diflucan as started less then 24 hours ago, different symptoms to be expected. But I’m getting really tired of this Fungus Beast living inside of me. Hope it wipes it out, Hope – although I’m not so sure it will – but Hope! Using other remedies as well like Berberine and Geranium and others. I wish it very much – that it would go away and die. 19-20 years of struggle – but at least I know what it is.

Dearly regards and Jehovah be with thee
– DarkiJah

February 5th, 2020  Posted at   Webpage
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I wonder if this will grow into something or not – so much time and effort I’ve have put into things in the past to just become nothing.
Yet hopefully I will be able to recover and figure things out again and make something worthy of Jehovah. To stand for the Truth and expose the Arch Enemy of Christ – the Roman Emperor.
I really don’t know how this works and my memory serves me badly – although the ideas is there, my brained is strained to the max as it has been for a very very long time.
But less crying and more effort – and see if I can mold something out of this. Time will tell. I wish I had my old WordPress page as I got very far with that in regards of setup. Sadly no such thing is found anymore for the foolishness of the Writer.

May Jehovah be with thee
– DarkiJah ben Jehovah