Collection of Brothers or Sisters and there area of Strength.

Who was Jesus subject…
The Jayshua of History – A Survey of the Extra-Biblical Evidence
Lee Strobel reporter on was Jesus real,
Paul Maier *Lutheran* Historical Jesus,,
Dave Hunt *Baptist* Occult and History,
Caryl Matrisciana Occult Hinduism easten bullshit,
Johanne Michaelson Former Witch Occult,
Carl Baugh Creation Evidence Museum,
Arch Bonnema Noah Boat Iran,
Genealogy Babylon,
Protestant truth,
A Lamp In The Dark
Tom Friess Protestant History, Jesuits and the AntiChrist,
Jörg Glismann Protestant History, Jesuits and the AntiChrist,
Alberto Rivera AntiChrist Information Center *AIC*,
Spike Psarris Evolutionist who became Creationist and then Christian,
Billy Crone *Baptist* Occult and overall mix of everything,
Kent Hovind *Baptist* Strength Creationism – 100 Reasons why Evolution is Stupid,
Don Patton Creationism, Science Magazine and material on research on Creation,
Ken Ham Australian in the USA – Noah ark Museeum –,
John Mackay Australia,
Grady McMurtry Creationism To long in the sun – Pagan Traditions.
Jim Staley *Hebrew Root Movement* – Pagan Traditions
Michael Rood *Hebrew Root Movement* – Pagan Traditions
What good did Christianity do you the world, interview? Wonderful interview that I saw years ago. Look for it.
James Arrabito *SDA* on Jesuits
Bob Enyart Creation
Chris Pinto

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