Bible Applications and stuff

For PC Windows I would recommend theWord application which is a great and Powerful FREE PORTABLE Bible application with the ability to search multiple Bibles by a single search! You don't need to reinstall it again and again and you can take it with you on an USB key ;)

For Android there is only one complete and ruling winner, and it is known as MySword for Android - bear in mind that a lot of the things are free and absolutly usuable but you have to "donate" to get all features. I used this application for around 2 years before "donating" to get the rest, but even with the free version it is the most powerful application to have at hand on your mobile!

BibleTime Android, Bishop, And Bible all open source and using pretty much the same free libaries although some difference - sources:

Bishop: DaNT1819, DaOT1931NT1907, Dan1871, ESV2011 *Not found anymore*, Geneva Notes, Geenva 1599, JPS, LITV,

BibleTime: Bibles - English: KJV, KJVA - Hebrew: SP SPPSS, SPMT, SPVAR - Books English DidacheEnglish, Josephus, JustinMartyr, Luthersworks - Glossaries Latin: la_en - Lexicons and Dictionaries: Webster 1806, Webster 1913 - Maps and Images+ ?

LiddellScott Greek-English Lexicon - OSHB, SP, SPE - SPVar, StrongsGreek, StrongsHebrew - Webster 1828, YLT, engKJV1769eb

And Bible: Coptic: SahidicBible, Askeland/Schulz(LXX) - Ge'ez: Ge'ez Bible - Malayalam Malirv NRSV Bible - English: ESV2011 *Not found anymore*, JPS, KJVA, LXX2012UK, SPE. - Hebrew: Bible, SPDSS, SPMT,